About Me

Hi World!

My name is Michael and my dad helped me build this website to show and share what I love to do most. Drawing is my passion and that is what this site is going to be about.

All the drawings, pictures and images are being made by me from scratch and are copyrighted, so if you would like to take one of my drawings it’s best if you ask first. You could also just give credit to my work by linking to the original post in this site.

Currently going to Fifth Grade Elementary School. Sorry for not really making anything It seems I’m just not thinking about this site anymore…but I will try my best to try and add things to this site. I have thought of making new posts of different things I have gotten Interested over these years. Most of them I think will be Anime Post’s. Also I’ll try to make a New Years post this year! Sorry for not making a New Years post last December, 31st. >.<